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Vol. 1 No. 1 (2012)

Arup Kumar Hazarika


River bank erosion and restoration in the Brahmaputra river in India
Arvind Phukan, Rajib Goswami, Deva Borah, Ananta Nath, Chandan MaiIanta

Comments on Ricotta: Ecological diversity and biodiversity as the tool for conservation planning
Sahorta Sarkar

Video endoscopic treatment of complex anal fistula - A new emerging treatment modality
Subhash Khanna

Hypothyroidism: A common phenomenon
Sarojini Dutta Choudhury

Dark energy, non-minimally coupled scalar field and big bang
K.D. Krori, Chandra Rekha Mahanta, Kanika Das

Quantum mechanical studies on the effect of ions at phosphate and sugar groups of DNA
Dhiraj Talukdar, Chitrani Medhi

Ecological status and fishery potential of Deopani a coldwater stream of Arunachal Pradesh, India
P.C. Mahanta, Debajit Sarma, Rajdeep Dutta

A comparison of spatial and temporal pattern of fish diversity of Matla river and adjacent mudflats in Sunderban biosphere reserve, India
Atreyee Chaudhuri, Sudehsna Mukherjee, Shilpa Sen, Sankha Chakrabarty, Sumit Homechaudhuri

Icthyof aunal diversity from Pagladia river of Assam
Hitesh Das, Amalesh Dutta

Ichthyofaunal diversity of river Jamuna, Karbi Anglong, Assam, India
Bubul Das, Subrata Sharma

Food selection by Asian elephant (Elephus maximus) in Kameng elephant reserve in Northeast India
P. Sarkar, S. Verma, V. Menon

Impact of bioprotein on rearing performance and silk production of Antheraea assama ww by recycling dead silk moth pupae as nutritional supplement
K.B. Saikia

Toxic impact of sodium arsenite in Channa punctatus
Nargish Sultana Hazarika, Kokila Patowary, Mamata Goswami

Paper Mills, environment and biodiversity conservation
B. K. Baruah, R. Ahmed, D. Basumatary

Identification of some productive bivoltine hybrids of mulberry silkworm, Bombyx mori, L. through rearing under rain fed seticulture of North eastern region of India
M.D. Senapati, A.K. Hazarika

A study on reproductive specialization of many lined Sun Skink (Mabuya multifasciata)
Uma Dutta, Nabanita Medhi

Nutritional value of some edible insects in Baksa District, BTAD, Assam
Jayanta Kumar Das, Arup Kumar Hazarika, Imdadul Islam Khan

Study of certain physico-chemical characteristics of water and plankton diversity of Sola Beel
G Das, A. K. Hazarika, M. M. Goswami

Analysis of changing forest cover and its impact on environment with special reference to Umtrew basin, Northeast India
Dhanjit Deka, Pradip Sharma

Earthquakes and crustal deformation studies of the seismically active Kopili Fault as well as Northeast India: A scientific field study using Global Positioning System (GPS)
Mahnat Kashyap, Jyotirmoy Das Chowdhury, Ashok Kumar, Arun Kumar, Indumati Laskar, L. Sunil Singh, Prakash Barman

Intimacy as a concept: Explaining social change in the context of globalisation or another form of ethnocentricism?
Lynn Jamieson

Role of a lawyer in society: A critical analysis
Balin Hazarika

Higher education, researches and role of the university
Parveen R. Akhtar

Assessment of adaptations to floods through bottom-up approach: A case of three agro-climatic zones of Assam, India
Suparana Katyaini, Anamika Barua, Bhupen Mili

Repressed painter, rebel poet: Browning and Filippo Lippi
Prakash Chetry

Different paradigm on factional politics with special reference to Asom Gana Parishad
Dipak Kumar Sarma

Theme on peace in the Atharvaveda
Pranabjyoti Deka, Nalini Misra

National integration in the context of Northeast an overview
Jatin Hazarika

Corruption and its eradication in India
N. Changkakoti

Role of media in upholding human rights
Enaxi Saikia Barua

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