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Vol. 2 No. 2 (2013)

Arup Kumar Hazarika


Grading of breast cancer by fine needle aspiration cytology correlating with histopathologic grading in women of age group 30 (thirty) to 65 (sixty-five) years
Ena Dowerah, K. L. Talukdar

Studies on the antimicrobial activity of Co4 (μ3-O)4 (μ-O2C. C6H4-4-Cl)4 (4-Me-Py)4: tetrakis (μ3-oxo) tetrakis (μ-4-chlorobenzoato-O) tetrakis (4-methylpyridine) cobalt (III)
Bapan Saha, Hrishikesh Upadhyaya, Soumitra Choudhury, Aniruddha Sen

A comparative study of repellent effects of dichloromethane extracts of Lantana camara L. and Calotropis procera Ait. on Tribolium castaneum (Herbst) (Coleoptera: Tenebrionidae)
Santa Kalita, R. K. Bhola

Study on the impact of Mikania micrantha leaf extract feeding on Silk gland protein concentration of V instar Eri Silkworm Samia ricini Donovan
Mainu Devi

Status of ornamental fish diversity of Silsakho wetland in Kamrup district, Assam, India
Pinky Baruah, Sushil Kumar Sharma

Aquatic insects of Kapla Beel, a floodplain wetland of Barpeta District of Assam, India
A Barman, B K Baruah

Ichthyo-faunal diversity and status in Barbila Beel, Nalbari, Assam
Kamala Deka, Amalesh Dutta

Effect of pollution on growth and development of some of the larval stages of Duttaphrynus melanostictus (Schneider 1799)
G Goswami, S Sengupta, B K Baruah

Study on the effect of lindane on some hematological parameters of Indian freshwater cat fish, Clarias batrachus (L.)
Anupam Kumar Medhi, Arup Kumar Hazarika

Improvised segregation of recyclable materials in Guwahati City, India: A case study
Pradip Baishya, Dimbendra Kumar Mahanta

Official Development Assistance (ODA) of Japan: between the flawed structure
Keemee Das, Neemee Das

Socio-economic and structural analysis of cottage industry workers: A case study from a remote area of Assam, India
Nazneen Akhtar

Ideological Praxis at Awra Amba: implications for the development of the region
Ashenafi Alemu

The universality or locality of syntax in Persian speakers’ production of L2 negation
Mozhgan Yahyazade

Level of optimism and its related issues among students of master of social work of Mysore University
Nireekshan Singh Gowgi SK, Guruprasad Rao SR

The quality crisis in Indian primary education
Ranjit Taku, Sahidul Ahmed

Influence of pre-school education on child's language development: A case study in Morigaon, Assam, India
Polee Saikia

A study on the knowledge towards HIV/AIDS among the adolescents of Kamrup District, Assam, India
Gayatree Goswamee, Ranju Medhi

NAAC assessment: A boon for the higher education
Parbin R Akhtar, Sushmita Chowdhury (Das)

Role of education in the development of social condition of the scheduled caste people of selected development blocks in Kamrup District, Assam, India
Binita Das, Rupa Das Borbora

A study on student participation in vocational education courses in the provincialized degree colleges of Nagaon and Morigaon district of Assam, India
Sabita Devi, Dulumoni Goswami

The rights of women workers in the tea gardens of Assam
Nayana Borah

Analytical study of Computer Education at higher secondary level under CBSE Curriculum in Guwahati city, India
Parul Das, Nayan Jyoti Sarmah

Aspects of caste in linguistic varieties of Assamese: Ghulia vs Charuwa
Tasrina Iqbal

A historical and etymological study of the Dimasa Kacharis of Dima Hasao District, Assam, India
Dinesh Tiwari, Gautam Sarma

Hindu Women's Property Rights under Hindu Succession Law: Past and present
Kasturi Gakul

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