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Vol. 3 No. 1 (2014)

Arup Kumar Hazarika


Synthesis, characterisation and oxidative studies of some Ruthenium (VI) complexes
Ashish Malhotra

Periodontal treatment needs of a rural population of North East India
Dilip Goswami

Unabashed Cruelty on some wildlife of Barak valley, Assam, India: a report
N. Basumatary, P. Choudhury

Ichthyofaunal diversity from Sonkosh river, Assam, India
Daud Ch. Baro, Subrata Sharma

Activity budgeting of golden langur (Trachypithecus geei) at Assam State Zoo-cum-Botanical garden
Chhandashree Bhuyan, Simran Kaur

A study of the impact of urban and industrial waste disposal on the bacteriological parameters of Tunia River, Bongaigaon, Assam
Dhwajendra Nath Das, A.K. Baruwa, M. L. Das, Pradip Sharma

Agricultural production and productivity in Darrang district, Assam, India
Gitali Kalita

Evaluation of parametic impact on soil loss of Panchnoi river basin, Northeast India, using revised universal soil loss equation (rusle)
Monoj Kumar Jaiswal, Gitika Thakuria, Ajit Chandra Borah, Ranjan Saikia

A study on housing typology in rural areas of Assam, India
Prachuryya Kaushik, Praschaya Kaushik

Information and communication technology: a best decision support system for managing tourist destination
Sangeeta Kakoty, Seemanta Kumar Deka

A prospective study of the prevalence of the polycystic ovarian syndrome among Rajasthani women of Guwahati, India
Christene Bora, Tiluttoma Baruah

Contextualizing Gora: caste, politics and the nation
Sumit Howladar

Death of the villain: neoliberalism and contemporary Hindi cinema
Mriganka Sekhar Sarma

Traditional Knowledge in North-East India: scope for a sui generis protection
Neelotpal Deka

Popular folk lore of the Tai-Khamptis: a general analysis
Papori Senapati, Basanta Kumar Singh

A study on the role of Tiwas (Lalungs) and their settlements in the medieval period of Assam history.
Bandana Baruah

Reconstructing nineteenth and early twentieth century challenges to women's education in Assam, India.
Manjula Phukan

Arithmetic achievement of the attention deficit hyperactivity disorder students in primary schools of Guwahati, India
Ruma Medhi, Kaberi Saha

Occupational aspiration and school facilities of secondary stage students: a study
Utpal Kalita

Eco-friendly buying behaviour of women: a study with special reference to Guwahati city, India.
Mallika Kalita

A study on the awareness level of parents of a backward community of North East India for higher education of their children
Runumi Devi

Awareness of teachers regarding self-learning in lower primary schools of Assam with special reference to Kamrup district, Assam, India
Bhanita Deka, Rupa Das Borbora

Effectiveness of secondary school teachers in relation to their gender, age experience and qualification
Susanta Roy Chowdhury

Women entrepreneurship development in Assam with special reference to Kamurp district, India
Anjali Devi, Gayatri Goswami

Moral Values as revealed in the Rgveda: its relevance in modern perspective
Bornali Borthakur

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