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Vol. 2 No. 1 (2013)

Arup Kumar Hazarika


Cross-disciplinary research collaboration: challenges and experiences from a large-scale research project on adaptive water management
Art Dewulf, Greet François, Claudia Pahl-Wostl, Tharsi Taillieu

Reporting of cervical cytology in women attending a tertiary hospital in Guwahati, India: some demographic profiles
Usha Sarma, J. Mahanta, K. L. Talukdar

Numerical simulations of dusty plasma in the Saturn's ring system
Basanta Pathak

Environmental impact of Imidacloprid on soil fertility: A case study on Drawida willsi earthworm
Anindita Bhattacharya, Sanjat Kumar Sahu

Study on seasonal variation of aquatic insects in a lotic ecosystem of Guwahati City, Assam, India
B. K. Sarma, B. K. Baruah

Studies of some important wetland plants with their growth form and uses from Monoha beel of Morigaon, Assam
S. Paul, A. D. Barbaruah

Survey on abundance of carnivores and their prey in Kalesar NP and WLS in Haryana, India
P. Sarkar, A. A. Sharma, A. K. Hazarika, S. Chaudhry

Ultramicroscopic structure of the lens of Anabas testudineus and its significance
Angur Begum, Umesh C. Goswami, Sudip Dey

Field screening of certain tomato varieties for their resistant reaction against Helicoverpa armigera (Hubner) in Manipur valley, India
M. Suresh Singh, B. K. Baruah, K. I. Singh

Conservation challenges of Manas Tiger reserve: political unrest and community attitude
Rakesh Soud, Simi Talukdar, N. K. Dey

Occupational stress in organizations with special reference to gender, sector, and income
Aparajeeta Borkakoty, Manidipa Baruah, Arpita Sharma Nath

Human resource management: an effective mechanism for long-term sustainability
Pavitra Dhamija

Groundwater potential mapping of Guwahati city using geoinformatics technique
K. K. Talukdar, G. Thakuriah, R. Saikia

Urban growth and its impact on land use in Jorhat Town, Assam, India
Kakoli Acharyya, Pradip Sharma

Erosion and devastation of river Subansiri and future downstream impacts of large dam: a case study from India
Punyamoni Baruah

River as a source of income generation: a case study of the river Kapili in Marigaon, Assam, India
Monoj Kumar Jaiswal, Panchi Devi, Bharati Dutta

Pattern of social change and development among the tribal women in Assam, India
Madhushree Das

Occupational health hazards of tea garden workers of Hajua and Marangi tea estates of Assam, India
Parijat Borgohain

Development of primary education in Karbi Anglong district, Assam, India
Karabi Das, Swapan Kr. Dutta

A study of value pattern of inmates of monastic Satras of Assam, India
Gayatree Goswamee, Srijani Das

The monastic Sattras of Assam: tradition and tribulation
Khagen Sarma

Need of education among the tea tribe women in the Udalguri district of Assam, India
Parbin R Akhtar

Environmental awareness of the visually impaired students: an explorative study
Purabi Baishya

Teachers’ attitude in creating non-violent atmosphere in the classroom by providing peace education: an analytical study
Phunu Das (Sarma)

Education: a tool to challenge the patriarchy: a study of Guwahati, India
Paramita Dey

Impact of teachers’ job satisfaction in academic achievement of the students in Assamese medium secondary schools of Kamrup district of Assam, India
Manju Chutia

The satiric content of urban jokelore: a study in a metropolitan city of Northeast India
Jita Baruah

A note on Pañcamahāyajñas in the modern perspective
Pranabjyoti Deka

Laparoscopic surgery for non-obstetrical abdominal emergencies in pregnancy
Subhash Khanna

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